Marlborough Graphics is pleased to announce Painted Prints which will bring together selected hand-coloured graphics by Gillian Ayres (1932-2018), Jimmy Merris (b. 1983) and Liorah Tchiprout (b. 1992). 

One of the leading British abstract painters of her generation, Gillian Ayres was also a dedicated and highly ambitious printmaker who experimented who used a variety of techniques from etching, woodcut and monoprint to the experimental use of carborundum. Often extensively hand painted, her prints rival the characteristic exuberance and vibrant colours of her paintings.

For the past five years, Jimmy Merris has been working on a series of woodcut prints and paintings with printed elements. Some of these works have as many as fifteen layers of ink on top of one another, resulting in a glossy, almost plastic-like finish.

The gallery is pleased to exhibit for the first time works by Liorah Tchiprout. Her monotypes and hand-coloured etchings explore themes of girlhood, belonging, and the theatrical, and are informed by her interest in literature as well as her Jewish heritage. 

"Print-maker Jimmy Merris uses deeply built up colours to create his funny-sad philosophical cartoons. Also featuring Liorah Tchiprout and the late Gillian Ayres."

Art Weekly, The Guardian

Merris, As you continue, which you will do, the way to proceed will become apparent, 2020, reduction woodcut, paper 27.1 x 39.7cm, 10 5-8 x 15 5-8in