“I am never inhibited by working from life. On the contrary, I feel more free; and I can take liberties which the tyranny of memory would not allow. I would wish my art to appear factual, not literal.” – Lucian Freud

Marlborough Graphics is pleased to present an exhibition of etchings by Lucian Freud. Featuring exceptional etchings made in the latter half of Freud's career, this presentation coincides with The National Gallery's landmark exhibition Lucian Freud: New Perspectives, 2022.

From 1982, Freud created 60 published prints until his death in 2011. These etchings embodied the same unflinching realism that characterised his oil paintings. Freud’s approach to etching was informed by his painting: By placing the etching plate upright on an easel, he was able to meticulously etch from life. The subjects he etched, such as Sophie de Stempel, Ali Boyt and Marilyn Gurland, were familiar sitters for Freud and would often appear in similar poses in his oil paintings. 

This exhibition features a selection of etchings from Freud's most celebrated period and is on view at Marlborough London until 21 January 2023

This major exhibition charts seven decades of painting by Lucian Freud, from his early work to his large-scale naked portraits. The show attempts to move beyond Freud's celebrity and focus on his commitment to painting, 'bringing to light new perspectives on a lifetime’s work.'

Image: Diego Delso, delso.photo, License CC-BY-SA

The National Gallery, London