For this year’s edition of London Original Print Fair, Marlborough Graphics will showcase a selection of monotypes and unique hand-finished prints. The exhibited artists all employ similar painterly processes. Monotypes demand the artist to work quickly, brushing ink onto the plate and allowing chance to manipulate the outcome. Bill Jacklin, whose monotypes incorporate oil paint, printers’ ink and carborundum, states that ‘It can be quite a volatile experience with the interactions of the oil medium and solvents having a life of their own.’  monotypes allow Jacklin to ‘push the boundaries’ in his work.

We are delighted to exhibit for the first time a selection of monotypes and hand-coloured etchings by Liorah Tchiprout. Liorah's work explores themes of girlhood, belonging, and the theatrical, and is informed by her interest in literature as well as her Jewish heritage.

Our presentation will also consist of works by Gillian Ayres, Maggi Hambling, Jimmy Merris, Celia Paul, Paula Rego and Kiki Smith who use monotype or hand-finishing techniques including watercolour, stencilling and over-painting.