Jemima Stehli

Jemima Stehli’s work explores the intersection between photography, performance and sculpture. In Stehli’s photographs, the use of her own body as subject and object makes visible the idea that the artist’s identity is always present within the work of art. In her self-portraits, she often makes direct references to famous twentieth-century artworks by men, from the iconic imagery of Helmut Newton to Francis Bacon and  Allen Jones. Investigating the tension between creator, subject and viewer, Stehli explores the intersection between art historical tradition and the female subject, challenging notions of aesthetics, gender and power. Her provocative and playful compositions propose that whilst the female subject is in control of her image, she is simultaneously the object of the viewer’s gaze. 

Jemima Stehli lives and works in London. She received a BA Honours Fine Art at Goldsmith’s College in 1983, and her MA Fine Arts from Goldsmith’s in 1991. Jemima’s work has been featured most recently in solo exhibitions at the Vegas Gallery in London, Arta in Milan, Galerie Raum mit Licht in Vienna and Lisboa 20 in Lisbon. In 2000, it featured in an exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery. Her group shows include exhibitions at Galerie Raum mit Licht in Vienna, Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art in Lisbon, M & D ARTE in Gorgonzola, CAAA in Guimarães and Galerie Klüser in Munich, among many others.